The title of this article sounds crazy. After reading what I have to say, you will realize the benefits of hiring people that are either inexperienced or have low experience.

What do I mean by inexperienced? People that are inexperienced are not the same as people that are uneducated. This is a major difference. When I’m talking about people that are inexperienced, I am talking about highly educated individuals that lack job experience. For example, a person may have graduated with a Bachelors in engineering, but has no job experience or internship experience.

I’m sure that if you have read or watched the news in recent years we are hearing a lot about college students that are unable to find jobs. These people are willing to do the work and are most likely qualified for such positions, but no one wants to give them a chance. Why hire them? Inexperienced individuals that want to get their foot in the door for job experience are highly motivated to do a good job. There are numerous reasons on why inexperienced individuals are highly motivate. Below is a small list of motivational drivers of inexperienced individuals.

  • Build their resume
  • A chance to do what they have a passion for
  • Pay for living expenses
  • Pay for student loans
  • Feeling accepted
  • A shot for a better and happier life

Hiring people that are motivated to do a great job want to give employers a good impression. The future of their career and reputation relies on how they are doing with their current employer. They may be the people that help you innovate your business.

Another reason why you may want to hire someone that is inexperienced or has low experience is because of their age. Let’s be realistic for a second. We are not going to live forever. There is nothing wrong with wanting to hire someone with 10-15 years of job experience. The downside of looking for high levels of experience is that it is very likely that such a person is also very old. Why does this matter? Retirement. I have seen previous employers hire employees that are overqualified and have the best experience ever. This is great for business, but I have seen these employees resign within 1-4 years. The shortest I have seen was 4 months. Hiring someone that is younger in age will help you gain an employee that can stay with the company for a longer period of time.

Of course, we would have to train this employee. Simply hiring inexperienced employees without giving them training or opportunities to grow will drive them away. A way to keep inexperienced and younger employees on board is for senior level employees to hire them as an apprentice for themselves. Similar to what I have mentioned earlier, a good apprentice is most likely educated in a similar position or industry and is inexperienced or has low experience. Essentially, a senior level employee gets to train an apprentice that is a blank slate. You can train your apprentice in a way that fits very well into your organizational culture. Think of this as passing the torch.

Your senior level employees won’t be around forever. You can be reactive to the problem of losing senior employees by hiring someone with a similar resume. Or you can be proactive and have an employee that has years of mentorship and training by people that are already know your business inside and out.

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