Should Businesses Still Advertise in the Yellow Pages

You may already be thinking about the answer to this question. If you remember the Yellow Pages, consider yourself lucky. The Yellow Pages has been around for decades. It has also become a household name. People born within the last 10 years may not have even heard of the Yellow Pages. Or, they have heard negative remarks about the Yellow Pages. Now, to answer your question, should businesses still advertise in the Yellow Pages?

My answer: It depends on the market you are trying to target.

When I’m talking about the Yellow Pages, I am referring to the big yellow books that are delivered to many homes and businesses. Many people will probably tell you that Yellow Pages is dead. Or when people are using the Yellow Pages books, they are trying to show off their strength by ripping them in half. I cannot predict the future of the Yellow Pages, but I do know that there are some reasons you may want to advertise with them.

Depending on who your target market is, it might really make sense to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Let’s take a look at the services that I offer. I offer solutions for the small business environment such as IT management and business consulting. Since I’m targeting small businesses for these services, it may not be worth my while to advertise such services in the Yellow Pages. Small business owners in general are likely to find services online rather than a Yellow Pages book. In addition to offering services to small businesses, I also offer computer training and tutoring services. For computer training and tutoring services, it would make sense for me to advertise in the Yellow Pages. The computer training and tutoring services that I offer are targeted towards people that are not accustomed to using computers or have a smartphone. These individuals are generally part of the older population. Older individuals are more likely to rely on the giant Yellow Pages books to find businesses. A couple of months ago, my parents were talking about finding a plumber. Although they have smartphones, they still use Yellow Pages books because they believe it is easier for them to access information.

Although the Yellow Pages is known as the company that sends a giant yellow book to everyone that no one uses, it is not the only way they advertise businesses. It is probably true that the printed, or book, version of the Yellow Pages will eventually be extinct. The Yellow Pages has moved on to online listings. Why does this matter? This matters because the Yellow Pages is now one of the many other online advertising resources. The advantage of the Yellow Pages is in its name. Most people know the name “Yellow Pages”. The Yellow Pages even has their own app for Android and iOS. The Yellow Pages have probably realized that in order for their company to survive, they need to change their services.

It’s true that if you market your business in every method possible, all markets will know about you. If you only advertise in one or two websites, you neglect a lot of the overall market. Whether you decide to advertise with the Yellow Pages or not, it will still boil down to where your target market searches for businesses like yours. It is always best to track what forms of marketing work best for your business. For example, if you advertise in local papers, Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and Yellow Pages your cost for marketing must be high. Simply tracking where most of your customers are learning about your business can help you trim down your costs. If you learn that only 2% of your customers are coming from the Yellow Pages, you probably can drop the Yellow Pages from your marketing budget.

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