Sometimes, you just need your computer fixed. You had a few friends and maybe a brainy relative that knows a few things about computers. At the end of the day, your problems are still there.

We have all been in this situation. At Nightingale Consulting, we have seen it all. From strange error messages to the unexplained, we can help you.

Even software vendors can get stumped. Read the following story.

One of our older customers purchased and installed a digital x-ray system. Since the staff was still learning how to use the new system, they accidentally captured x-rays for one patient into a different patient’s records. The software vendor told them to delete all of the x-rays and ask the patient to come back to retake x-rays.┬áThe office staff asked the patient to come back to retake x-rays, and the patient agreed.

A few days later, this same problem happened again with different patients. And again a week later. This issue needed to stop. We understand that people have accidents, but it reflects poorly on the office staff. This situation gives the impression that the office staff is incompetent.

The business owner contacted Nightingale Consulting to find a solution to this problem. Remember, the software vendor said that the only thing the office staff can do is delete and retake x-rays. This solution wastes time and gives a bad impression. The team at Nightingale Consulting took the time to understand how the x-ray system saves and records x-rays. Once the team understood how the digital x-ray system saves and records x-rays, they found a better solution. The result was that Nightingale Consulting was able to find a way to move x-rays to different patients. This solution saves the patients’ time and the staff does not have to worry about telling any patients that they made a mistake.