Do not fear the term Information Technology (IT) Management. IT Management is simply managing your business’ IT resources in a way that adheres to your strategy, goals, and policies.

Traditionally, many businesses view IT as a big cost center. Meaning that businesses view IT investments as dumping cost with low or no return. We believe that IT is an enabler. IT is supposed to be another tool for you to take advantage of and help take your business to the next level.

Whether you are selecting a new computer or a software application, the team at Nightingale Consulting can help you select and implement IT resources that matter to you. As we help you make IT related decisions, we will explain to you why you need such resources. We want you to invest in resources that benefit you.

We are not here to sell you items that are marked up well above retail price. We are here to help you make choices.

We offer monthly services to manage all of your IT needs such as applying updates to your computers, managing your website, and repair service.