Internet & Security

With everything being “One Click Away”, it is very easy for your employees to use the Internet for something that is unrelated to their work. The Internet can steal productivity from your workplace. Today, Internet access is a necessity for any business. We need the Internet for tasks such as sending items to customers, finding new customers, or conducting research.

Internet abuse refers to the use of your company Internet service for purposes that are not relevant to your business. The definition of Internet abuse is based on the Internet use policy at your business.Internet abuse is a threat to any business. With employees that randomly access different websites, your company network is at risk for viruses, spyware, and malware. On top of this, Internet abuse also puts your company data at risk. It is just not worth it.

What you need are systems and policies in place that help keep everybody on track. At Nightingale Consulting we can help you create an Internet use policy that works with your needs. We can also help you select IT security products such as Anti-Virus software that keeps you out of trouble.