April 8, 2014 is a very special day in the world of information technology. On this day, Microsoft will no longer offer support any kind of support or deliver any updates for Windows XP. The time to upgrade to a newer version of Windows is now.

Here is the most important question that I have heard regarding this issue.

“Is the software I am using compatible with newer versions of Windows?”

This question is not really black and white. Some software manufacturers will tell you that your current software will not work with newer versions of Windows in order to force you to purchase more software. On the other hand, some software manufacturers have actually taken the time to thoroughly test everything on newer versions of windows.

How do you know if your software manufacturer is telling the truth regarding compatibility? We should always try to trust the people we work with. If you ask your software manufacturer about compatibility, be sure to ask for the reasons why the software is not compatible with newer versions of Windows. If you still do not want to believe the software manufacturer, try testing the software yourself.

When testing for compatibility by yourself, be sure to cover all of your ends. Being able to install a software application does not guarantee compatibility. You need to test every feature of the software application and judge for yourself if everything is usable. Don’t be alarmed if something does not work the first time you are testing. In newer versions of Windows, you can open applications in “Compatibility Mode”. Compatibility mode allows you to select which older version of windows you would like to open the application under. For example, if you are using Windows 7 Professional, you can choose to open your program so it is compatible with Windows XP or Windows 2000.

I have had great success using compatibility mode in the newer versions of Windows. Although I have had success, keep in mind that this method is also not 100% guaranteed to work. When using any software application that the manufacturer has not approved for other operating systems, you run the risk of losing your data. If you do decide to continue using your software under compatibility mode, be aware that if you ask for support from the manufacturer, they may not help you.

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