Report: IT Governance in Health Care Organizations

Abstract Implementing an IT governance program in a health care setting is a continuous process that must work with the constraints provided by the government, current technology, and patients. The health care industry is known for adopting new technology slower than most industries. As new technological advances as applied to the health care industry, there will most likely be […]

Is Open Source Software Really Free

Is open source software really free? The short answer to this question is no. I love open source software and recommend some open source solutions to customers. It is very tempting to believe that open source software is free because there is no payment or fees required to use such software. Don’t be fooled! It […]

Case Study: IBM Canada LTD – Implementing Global Strategy Part 2

Introduction Solutions for organizational sustainability is an ongoing goal sought by almost every organization. Although most organizations may not speak of or know of resilient sustainability, organizations are actually always making decisions that contribute towards resilient sustainability. For organizations to utilize resilient sustainability solutions they must understand what resilient sustainability is. In the case study […]

Why Hire Inexperienced People

The title of this article sounds crazy. After reading what I have to say, you will realize the benefits of hiring people that are either inexperienced or have low experience. What do I mean by inexperienced? People that are inexperienced are not the same as people that are uneducated. This is a major difference. When […]

Why Should Businesses Outsource

First of all, what is outsourcing? When a company outsources, they are purchasing a good or a service that the company used to perform in house. Let’s assume for a second that you build cars. When building cars, you also made your own tires. After a few months, you decide that another company down the […]

Why I Use a Chromebook Everyday

Chromebooks are popping up everywhere. They are not powerhouses in terms of specs on paper, but they are still popular. Let me explain to you why I love my chromebook. The chromebook that I currently have is the Acer C720. This is an older chromebook, but I can do almost everything I need for work […]

Case Study: Seminole Industries

Current State Seminole establishes an EA practice to build foundation for execution. To achieve, Seminole undergoes the stages of enterprise architecture maturity. Enterprise architecture maturity is derived from the operating model. A mid-sized company, Seminole’s EA practice melds with existing business units. Domain architects perform the role of technical managers and the chief enterprise architect […]

Tips for a Better Work Day

For everyone that works in the field of information technology (IT), you will understand everything I have to say. IT’s role in the workplace is that of an enabler. People come to you for the help they need to make their day run more smoothly. The job of an IT person is to make it […]