To refill or not to refill… That is the question.

There are many companies sprouting that offer ink and toner refilling services. Although there are many, not all of them offer high quality work. Printing is essential to any line of work and it is definitely a growing trend. Since computers are common place in most homes, even children in elementary school have to print something. As a side note, there are so many budget cuts in our educational system that parents are asked to print worksheets for their children to complete their homework.

Anyway, this article is about whether or not you should refill your ink or toner cartridge. In my opinion, there is nothing that can beat new cartridges in terms of quality. Going this route can be very expensive, especially if you have a printer that uses a different cartridge for every color.

For myself, I choose to have cartridges refilled. Why do I do this? Because for my line of work, I don’t need high quality prints. I mainly print out text documents. I print pictures, but since I do not sell pictures I don’t need the highest quality cartridges. Here is my point of view on the subject of refilling cartridges. The choice lies with what you want to do with your printed material. If you are a person that is just printing text documents such as assignments, proposals, estimates, newsletters, etc., then you are probably a good candidate for using refilled cartridges.

However, if you are a person that needs to print high resolution photos, posters, mailers/postcards, x-rays, other diagnostic photos, etc., then it is best for you to purchase new cartridges instead of running the risk of having low quality prints.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. I have some customers that print posters and continue using refilled cartridges. If you choose to refill cartridges, be sure to find someone reputable. Reputable does not mean the most expensive service available in your area. My tip is to avoid the lowest cost services. I have used a low cost service before and I really regretted it. I had a local company refill my color ink cartridge and my prints came out with horrible colors. I was trying to print a picture of a tree, but my tree printed out as different shades of blue and yellow instead of green.

Please test your cartridges after having them refilled. You may see that when you refill a cartridge, they first couple of prints may appear dirty. This is an issue that is common with refilled cartridges. Print a few more pages to see if it clears up. If your prints do not start looking clean, talk to the person that refilled your cartridges.

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