Our Founder - Dennis

Our Founder – Dennis

Our founder, Dennis, has always been involved in the world of technology. Starting in high school, Dennis was tinkering with computers and various electronic devices. When he went to college at San Jose State University his knowledge of computers became more refined. He started to realize that all computers and programs are the same. This new found knowledge allowed Dennis to develop his own troubleshooting process and standards.

Although he already learned a great amount, Dennis knows that there is no one out there that knows everything. Today, Dennis continues to further his education in both technology and business practices. He has graduated from Golden Gate University with an M.S. in Information Technology Management. On top of his knowledge in technology and business, he is also expanding his knowledge into the health care industry. Dennis has gained even more knowledge about technology and business through his previous employers. One of his earlier employers is a local dental office in San Jose. Dennis is grateful that this company decided to give him a chance to learn about the dental industry and improve on it. His knowledge of how dental offices use technology has stayed with him till this day and he continues to help other dental offices take advantage of technology. His most recent employer allowed Dennis to attain more knowledge about how businesses can use technology to increase customer satisfaction and keep employees focused.

What separates Dennis from the rest is his “I can” attitude. When someone else says something cannot be done, Dennis will go the extra mile to research the problem and find an alternate solution before calling it quits. He absolutely hates to tell customers that something is impossible.

In his spare time, Dennis enjoys reading technology magazines and watching technology videos. It seems like Dennis’ spare time is the same as every other time. Anyway, when he is not doing anything tech related, you can find him in the kitchen baking a cake. Although he has not competed in any baking competitions, Dennis continues to perfect his skills in baking various cakes, including 3D cakes. When he is not in the kitchen, he spends time with his wife, kids, and dogs. He married is wife in May of 2013, but he already knew that he wanted to marry her in 2011.