Why Hire Inexperienced People

ShareThe title of this article sounds crazy. After reading what I have to say, you will realize the benefits of hiring people that are either inexperienced or have low experience. What do I mean by inexperienced? People that are inexperienced are not the same as people that are uneducated. This is a major difference. When […]

Why Should Businesses Outsource

ShareFirst of all, what is outsourcing? When a company outsources, they are purchasing a good or a service that the company used to perform in house. Let’s assume for a second that you build cars. When building cars, you also made your own tires. After a few months, you decide that another company down the […]

Tips for a Better Work Day

ShareFor everyone that works in the field of information technology (IT), you will understand everything I have to say. IT’s role in the workplace is that of an enabler. People come to you for the help they need to make their day run more smoothly. The job of an IT person is to make it […]

Treat Your Employees Like People

ShareI notice a trend in how many employers treat their employees. Employers treat their employees like replaceable components of a machine. This creates an environment where employees and employers do not trust each other.¬†What do employers get in return? They get employees that are unmotivated and are just expecting or waiting to get laid off. […]

Should You Use Android or iOS?

ShareThere is a big war going on between Android and iOS devices. Many times I have been asked the following question, “Do you think Android or iOS is better?” Personally, I use Android devices. Here is the list of reasons on why I decided to use Android devices instead of iOS: Easier to use The […]

Shared or Dedicated Web Hosting

ShareI’ve gotten a few emails over the past months from random visitors about starting a website out of their garage or room. It doesn’t cost that much, but the idea of hosting a website from your home is not for everyone. Here’s a little tutorial for anyone thinking of starting their own website. You will […]

Saying Goodbye to Windows XP

ShareApril 8, 2014 is a very special day in the world of information technology. On this day, Microsoft will no longer offer support any kind of support or deliver any updates for Windows XP. The time to upgrade to a newer version of Windows is now. Here is the most important question that I have […]