Why I Use a Chromebook Everyday

Share Chromebooks are popping up everywhere. They are not powerhouses in terms of specs on paper, but they are still popular. Let me explain to you why I love my chromebook. The chromebook that I currently have is the Acer C720. This is an older chromebook, but I can do almost everything I need for […]

LibreOffice VS Microsoft Office

ShareI’ve been using Microsoft Office for quite some time. I’ve been around early enough to use Microsoft Office 97. Microsoft Office has been great, up until Office 2007 was released. It’s like the “Vista” of the office software. Is it all that bad? No, but getting there. The biggest suprise to me was the abscense […]

Email Client VS Webmail

ShareThere are basically two ways to access your email. You can either use an email client or webmail. What’s the difference between the two? An email client is a program on your computer that allows you to send and receive messages without the need to go through your internet browser. Webmail is accessing your email […]