Report: Threats to Protected Health Information

Share Abstract This report will address technical threats to PHI and threats from insiders and outsiders. I will review methods to safeguard against intrusion and information leaks. Given that email is one of the most common communication tool and can be a form of ePHI, I will discuss how the problems with traditional email systems […]

Do You Need a Smartwatch

ShareToday, it seems like more and more manufacturers are making their own smartwatch. The concept of a smartwatch is not new. We have seen older movies that had a smartwatch featured, such as Dick Tracy. Although smartwatches are the new trend, do you need one? I have heard arguments for and against smartwatches. The most […]

Treat Your Employees Like People

ShareI notice a trend in how many employers treat their employees. Employers treat their employees like replaceable components of a machine. This creates an environment where employees and employers do not trust each other.¬†What do employers get in return? They get employees that are unmotivated and are just expecting or waiting to get laid off. […]

Should You Use Android or iOS?

ShareThere is a big war going on between Android and iOS devices. Many times I have been asked the following question, “Do you think Android or iOS is better?” Personally, I use Android devices. Here is the list of reasons on why I decided to use Android devices instead of iOS: Easier to use The […]

Mail Order Printing Supply Companies

ShareA mail order printing supply company is a company that offers to send you supplies for your printer monthly. It is similar to a monthly magazine subscription. I have a good story involving this kind of company for you. One of my customers decided to get involved with one of these companies. For the purpose […]

LibreOffice VS Microsoft Office

ShareI’ve been using Microsoft Office for quite some time. I’ve been around early enough to use Microsoft Office 97. Microsoft Office has been great, up until Office 2007 was released. It’s like the “Vista” of the office software. Is it all that bad? No, but getting there. The biggest suprise to me was the abscense […]

Shared or Dedicated Web Hosting

ShareI’ve gotten a few emails over the past months from random visitors about starting a website out of their garage or room. It doesn’t cost that much, but the idea of hosting a website from your home is not for everyone. Here’s a little tutorial for anyone thinking of starting their own website. You will […]

Moving to Linux from Windows

ShareIt’s been about 9 years since I have started using Linux. So far, I have no regrets with my decision. My gateway drug for Linux was Fedora. I really liked Fedora, but after discovering that there were so many other distributions of Linux, I started experimenting. Next on the list was Damn Small Linux (DSL). […]

How to Fix the Runtime Error When Opening SolidWorks

ShareHave you ever seen the following error message when you try to open SolidWorks? I am sure you have done the following: Kept trying to re-open SolidWorks. Restarted your computer. Cleared temporary files. Scanned your computer for viruses. Re-installed SolidWorks. Called SolidWorks technical support. They told you to retry the things you just did. At […]